"Erin conducted a half-day seminar for our senior leadership team, which included an in-depth introduction to the MBTI self-assessment component and an overview of the participants' individual MBTI reports. Her group leadership/teaching skills were spectacular. In combination with her significant expertise in this area, she was able to generate a great deal of positive/productive discussions during and after the seminar. This session was followed up with an interactive presentation/workshop for our entire organization (about 35 full-time employees) that was very well received and has led to meaningful discussions/actions regarding communication styles/techniques/preferences."

-Paul S. (Non-Profit)

Simply taking the Myers-Briggs Assessment and getting the results on your own, while interesting, only scratches the surface of everything you can learn from this assessment. Having Erin there to explain what my results truly meant and her insight on how I can then apply them to the way I interact with my colleagues and treat patients has been such a valuable asset to my career. When I find myself having a difficult time coming to a mutual understanding or agreement with a patient, I am now better trained to identify the reason we’re having trouble communicating and then change my approach and perspective. I have found, in numerous situations, that the training and knowledge I received with Erin’s help has resulted in greater patient satisfaction, better treatment outcomes and a far more beneficial therapeutic relationship with my patients.
-Marisa A. (Healthcare)

"Erin consulted for our graduate business admission team and provided excellent training and assessment of our MBTI reports. This consultation was back in the Fall of 2018, and we are still utilizing the assessments to improve the workplace culture and to better how we communicate problems, ideas, and strategies. Erin's ability to turn general concepts in to practical applications specific to our day-to-day functions created a higher level of understanding and awareness for each other and how we work."

-Matt H. (Higher Education)

It is claimed that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.  It is a lofty ambition and one that takes a lifetime.  For days, weeks, and months after Erin facilitated a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator session for a team that I work with I was delighted to overhear my colleagues talking about knowing themselves in a business setting and better knowing how their colleagues are predisposed to the presentation style that they invoke on a regular basis.  Ever since Erin’s session my team has become more aware of themselves, their colleagues, our customers, and our mission.  It has been amazing to watch and be a part of.
-Elliot V.  (Government)

​Erin made this process not only extremely informative and insightful, but so fun! It was so interesting to have her help decipher my results and better understand how I can use them to begin to more positively communicate with my clients and even my spouse.
- Emily A. (Health & Fitness)

​I interact with all kinds of people on a daily basis.  After meeting with Erin and learning to understand the different dynamics of people's personalities and my own, I feel I am better able to communicate with my coworkers to complete goals.  Interactions with my patients are more effective as we are able to obtain our treatment plans.  This was a very positive experience.
- Larinda H. (Healthcare)

I have always considered myself an introvert, so I was really surprised when my Myers-Briggs assessment actually showed I have several extroverted tendencies. As an educator, having this insight about myself has been really beneficial because it has allowed me to better identify those students who are introverted and extroverted and adjust my classroom management style to accommodate their individual needs.
Prior to working with Erin, I hadn’t really considered the differences between students who are perceiving and students who are judging and how this impacts their ability to succeed in the classroom. As an educator who is perceiving in communication, she was able to give me great perspective and ideas on how I can provide clearer direction and expectations to my students who lean towards judging in communication. I have seen exciting improvements in my classroom now that I’m better trained to interact with a variety of student personalities and perspectives.
-Matthew A. (K-12 Education)