Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

​The MBTI instrument is administered by a certified practitioner who will explain the history of the instrument and the 4 dichotomies.  After taking the instrument, most often online, a 4 letter type is provided.  Understanding the 16 types, including your own, leads to improved communication and a better understanding of how individuals make decisions.  Learn more about the MBTI.  

Team Training and Development

Standard MBTI Presentation:  Learn about the history and theory behind the instrument, the 4 dichotomies of introversion v. extroversion, sensing v. intuition, thinking v. feeling, and judging v. perceiving, a review and interpretation of individual reports, team activities designed to better understand one’s own type, the type of others, and how to improve communication with different preference types.  (Time: approximately 4 hours in length)

Custom Presentation: Discuss the challenges your team is having and Erin will develop an individualized presentation. 

Leadership Development

Learn more about yourself to become a better leader and manager.  Utilize the MBTI in the initial meeting to understand your preferences and how they influence your decision-making process and perspective.  In subsequent meetings discuss blindspots, specific leadership challenges, and focused goal setting.  (Time: 2, 2 hour introductory meetings, additional meetings scheduled as desired)