Workshops and keynote presentations are tailored by organization.  Times range from a 30-minute focused presentation to quarterly  half-day workshops.

Myers-Briggs Workshop:  Learn about the history and theory behind the instrument, the 4 dichotomies of introversion v. extroversion, sensing v. intuition, thinking v. feeling, and judging v. perceiving, a review and interpretation of individual reports, team activities designed to better understand one’s own type, the type of others, and how to improve communication with different preference types.  

Reflection & Storytelling: There is nothing more powerful in the world than a good story.  Stories move people: move to emotion, move to action, move to change.  That’s why storytelling should be your greatest core competency.  What do people believe to be true about you?  What do people believe to be true about your organization? By engaging in active reflection and storytelling you can learn how to effectively share what drives you, your brand, and your company and effectively share that message with your customers.

The Stifled Creative: In today’s workplace, we are asked to do more with fewer resources.  The day-to-day responsibilities of a position leave little time for creativity, including, necessary and strategic problem solving.  We can easily identify systems and processes that are inefficient or broken but few of us have the time or energy to identify what needs fixing and work to develop a solution.  The opportunity to creatively solve a business problem is motivating and exciting. Our ability to develop solutions is directly related to our motivation to do so.   The Stifled Creative provides a solution-focused, action-oriented plan to re-engage the stifled creative in all of us. 

Natural Networking: Learn how to build the foundation of trusting relationships by developing Natural Networking skills.  Stop looking at networking as a transactional event. Building a professional network takes time and authenticity and too often we take the wrong approach.  This is why networking events have such a bad reputation because no one wants to deliver or receive a hard sell right after shaking someone’s hand. In this presentation you will learn how to compose a quick and easy-to-deliver introduction that communicates who you are and what you do. 

Custom Presentation: Discuss the challenge your team is facing and Erin will develop an individualized presentation. 

The MBTI instrument is administered by a certified practitioner who will explain the history of the instrument and the 4 dichotomies.  After taking the instrument, most often online, a 4 letter type is provided.  Understanding the 16 types, including your own, leads to improved communication and a better understanding of how individuals make decisions.  Learn more about the MBTI.  


  • MBTI Type I and II: Certified Practitioner
  • MBTI Master Practitioner
  • Microsoft Excel Certified
  • B.A. Psychology
  • M.B.A. Management