Workshops and keynote presentations are tailored by organization.  Times range from a 30-minute focused presentation to multi-day workshops.

Myers-Briggs Workshop:  Learn about the history and theory behind the instrument, the 4 dichotomies of introversion v. extroversion, sensing v. intuition, thinking v. feeling, and judging v. perceiving, a review and interpretation of individual reports, team activities designed to better understand one’s own type, the type of others, and how to improve communication with different preference types.  

DiSC Workshop: You can improve the quality of your workplace by using DiSC to build more effective relationships.  DiSC measures two primary scales: (1) fact-paced & outspoken v. cautious & reflective (2) accepting & warm v. questioning & skeptical.  Learn about the 4 quadrants of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness paired with experiential learning activities to solidify your knowledge of this valuable workplace tool.  

Natural Networking: Learn how to build the foundation of trusting relationships by developing Natural Networking skills.  Stop looking at networking as a transactional event. Building a professional network takes time and authenticity and too often we take the wrong approach.  This is why networking events have such a bad reputation because no one wants to deliver or receive a hard sell right after shaking someone’s hand. In this presentation you will learn how to compose a quick and easy-to-deliver introduction that communicates who you are and what you do. 

Custom Presentation: Discuss the challenge your team is facing and Erin will develop an individualized presentation. 

The MBTI instrument is administered by a certified practitioner who will explain the history of the instrument and the 4 dichotomies.  After taking the instrument, most often online, a 4 letter type is provided.  Understanding the 16 types, including your own, leads to improved communication and a better understanding of how individuals make decisions.  Learn more about the MBTI.  


The DiSC instrument is administered and interpreted by a certified DiSC facilitator.  After taking the online instrument, one of 12 possible DiSC styles is assigned to the participant.  DiSC measures preference and tendencies and is designed as a tool for dialogue, not diagnosis.  Learn more about the Everything DiSC Workplace.